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Why Choose Us


We never require any
up-front fees.


You are always in control of your funds; no Power of Attorney is required.


We never ask you for personal information, such as Social Security numbers.


You may always speak with Mr. Minotti by dialing
(360) 597-5800.

Asset recovery consultant

Having been an asset recovery consultant since 1989, it is important to me that each client understands what asset recovery is and feels comfortable throughout the process of recovering their misplaced or unclaimed funds. I work directly with each client and walk them through each step of the process, answering questions or concerns immediately. Clients can always access me directly via e-mail or telephone.

Our Processs

Highly professional and efficient services are provided by my firm. Implementing stringent procedures to identify and recover assets that have become unclaimed, unpaid, or are otherwise deemed to be abandoned, my firm conducts specific inquiries and comprehensive searches in an effort to determine those individuals and businesses that are entitled to funds. We also locate missing heirs and assist them in recovering the assets they are legally entitled to claim.

Our Agreement

In order to assist you in recovering your unclaimed funds, we require your signature on a simple agreement which entitles us to a percentage of the unclaimed funds in exchange for our efforts. My auditors and research staff work hard to uncover the information necessary to locate you and connect you with your funds. Think of this as a case of “lost and found”. This agreement is your commitment to reward us for our efforts. We never charge any up-front fees for our services. Once our fee agreement is signed and returned, we direct you through the proper channels to reclaim your funds. Upon receipt of your funds, you fulfill the agreement by rewarding us for our efforts.